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Susan Riding White Horse

You will benefit from both exceptional teaching ability and professional expertise to train and school your horse.

Susan’s desire to streamline the learning process led her to develop her own system for training horses. 

Classical dressage with a strong German influence, Susie's own brand of rider biomechanics, and a good dose of fun are the heart of her training program.

Susan's system is useful for all levels of riders and instructor/trainers. It doesn’t matter if you are training a competition dressage horse or if you are a pleasure rider that wants to develop your horse properly for better health.


Susan Competing On White Horse

Each horse has an individual program following the training scale of dressage in daily training. Conditioning and the Gymnastic development are the backbone of any good training program. A truly systematic approach with a strong foundation allows the horse to advance through the levels.

When you bring your horse to Hillcrest Equestrian Center you will be happy with the personal attention to detail that each horse is given. Feeding programs, turnout Cavaletti, lunging and long lining are all skills that compliment the time that the horses are trained under saddle. Cross training is utilized to keep the horse fresh and happy in their work.

Susan really enjoys teaching lessons.  The proper basics and a systematic program advances riders as well as horses through the levels. Success is measured in many ways; both in the show ring and by personal satisfaction.

Susan designs your rides so that they are comprehensive training sessions that set your horse up to succeed.


All exercise sessions are composed of a warm up, a work out and a cool down phase. It has proven to be successful with all breeds of horses and ponies. The Peacock System was designed to work cohesively with all riding styles and helps to organize the training process at any stage of learning.

Saddle and Bay Horse
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