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A unique dressage apprenticeship program is offered at Eastvale Equestrian in Eastvale, CA. This is an all inclusive program that is designed to totally prepare the participants for a career as a professional dressage trainer. The participants will be ready to participate in the USDF Certification Program upon completion of this program.


This program is designed for the aspiring dressage professional. This is a live in or commuter position where the apprentice brings their own horse to train as a project. The daily work with this horse is supervised by Susan Hoffman Peacock and her staff to demonstrate a systematic and classical training program. This horse can be a schoolmaster, a project /young horse or a sale project that can be sold at the end of the program.

Bay Horse Closeup

Apprentices watch and actively participate in the training of additional horses and students. Lesson planning is a unique part of Susan Peacock’s program. The skills to teach private lessons as well as group and semi-private lessons are demonstrated and taught. Teaching skills for lessons, clinics and coaching are specifically addressed.


Ranch management topics that are covered include feeds and feeding, daily barn chores and care of the horses in a professional show barn setting. Participants learn how to organize clinics from local to international headliners such as Conrad Schumacher and USDF events. Dealing with clients and the handling of veterinary and farrier appointments are also skills that are covered. Other daily lessons include barn management and business skills including ordering of feed/supplies and employee relations and time management are discussed thoroughly.

The apprentices are encouraged to participate in horse shows themselves as well as coach students at shows. When possible, the participants are encouraged to observe Susan Hoffman Peacock and other instructors teaching lessons as well as clinics.


The tuition includes housing, stabling and instruction. Full time (live in) and part time (no housing) positions are available. A typical program is 6-12 months. Longer programs can be available. There are time allotments for the apprentices who hold an additional part time job.

Susan Riding Bay Horse

This is a proven system. Past participants have passed the USDF Certification, are operating their own businesses and/or are working as assistant trainers or professional riders.

Interested parties should inquire by contacting Susan Hoffman Peacock directly.


"As I prepare myself for the next leg of my journey, I've been trying to find the words to describe not just today but the last two and a half years of my life. But the words won't come. There is too much, and I cannot capture it all with mere words. What I can say is that two and a half years ago, I came to Eastvale Equestrian and to Susan Hoffman Peacock thinking that this was it. This was my last try at making this crazy sport my career. I didn't know what I was in for, but I am so glad I stuck around to find out. With Suzie as my guide I have grown so much as a rider, a trainer, an instructor, and a person, and become more fully the skilled and knowledgeable horsewoman I have always wanted to be. I have worked harder, learned more, and accomplished so much. I have loved and valued my time here beyond words.

Thank you to everyone who put effort into me. Thank you to Suzie who has gifted me with so much, from a wonderful and willing partner in dressage who teaches me so much with every ride, to all the knowledge and ability she has been able to cram into my head, even when I was being stubborn about it. Thank you for sharing your own mentor with me so he could become one of mine as well. Thank you for your hard work, your patience, your friendship, and for your help in accomplishing goals. Because of my time here, I will step back into the world more confident, more independent, and completely ready to continue accomplishing those goals.

I'm not going to say goodbye. You guys haven't gotten rid of me that easily. Instead what I'll say is see you soon, and I love you all." 

- Jamie Volaski, Apprentice Graduate

Graduate Jamie Volaski With Her Horse
Jamie Volaski Riding Dark Bay Horse
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