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Susan Hoffman Peacock has been a dressage trainer for over 30 years with numerous students and horses having won national titles and awards. She has extensive training and showing experience in classical dressage, and along her journey, she has developed her own system of biomechanics for riders. This unique system focuses on a hierarchy of skills that can be used by all riders to improve the communication with the horse. Susan's enthusiasm and passion for correct riding is helpful for riders of all levels.

Apprenticeship Program 
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We've known Suzie for over 10 years as a wonderful dressage trainer / instructor / friend. Since last March we are blessed to have our two dressage horses in her barn and we are looking forward to a wonderful show season. Trying to find words to describe Suzie's talent, heart, support, is next to impossible. Suffice to say that what she is achieving with us and our horses is even more than what we had hoped for. Love you Suzie!! 

- Pamela Brown Pirkle


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