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... She did awesome thank you so much what a improvement from the tools you taught cheyenne and she didn the tests on her own without call outs love it. Thank you thank you. She said she wished you saw her. Judge spoke very high on cheyenne potential and how well she does at her age and impressed with her core being young and a soft rider... i am very proud momma and so proud of her improvements... very happy.. Michelle Cline




jordan and violet at eastvale equestrian

Erin and you are the ones that taught me to have a passion for dressage that one summer way back when I was the age of 10! Over the course of 8 years in South Carolina I tried to continue to move forward in my passion but without you guys it was impossible. Luckily I was able to end the year of 2013 with a BANG! I was able to pay a visit to the sunny So Cal to stay with you and Brad for a week. Within that week I learned so much and I am grateful for the opportunity! Within three days of your biomechanics program I felt confident in my riding. The program even brought comfort to my lower back that has been bothering me for years now. I had numerous lessons on Hobo that were absolutely FANTASTIC! Each lesson I learned something that I can take back with me to use on horses I ride in the future. I thank you for letting me come raid your barn with Stacia for the week! The week with you reminded me why my passion is in dressage and stays in dressage! Without you, this trip filled with great lessons and adventures would have never happened! Thank you so much!
Hope to see you very soon!
With Lots of Love!
Jordan Raska

jordan as a youth with horses



And for some Face Book Luv ... here's what people are saying:

Amber Smigel - I know Susan Hoffman Peacock through her many amazing, educational clinics that she offers to the dressage community.. Thanks Suzie. December 28 at 6:48am via mobile ·

Beth Hernandez - Susie has been an amazing trainer and friend to me & my family for over 20 years! December 28 at 7:00am via mobile ·

Monica Whitmer - thank you for sponsoring Susan Hoffman Peacock we worked through the USDF certification process. December 28 at 7:14am

Cindy Gumber - I met Susan Peacock a few years ago and with the help of her wonderful program and apprentice, i not only found the wonderful world of dressage but was given guidence that helped me excel! December 28 at 7:15am via mobile ·

Jana Nelson - Teacher. December 28 at 7:31am via mobile ·

Echo Casale - Go Susie. Good product. I'm a one horse person for life. December 28 at 7:38am via mobile ·

Dana Jay - Susie is my daughters dressage trainer & is helping her on her road to her dreams. She's absolutely amazing & we love her! December 28 at 8:02am via mobile

Carey Smith-Wilson - Susan purchased my horse for clients of hers. Good eye and training advice for them. December 28 at 8:02am via mobile ·

Sabine Schut-Kery - Susie makes the best salad ever !!! December 28 at 8:05am via mobile ·

Janina Grace Raska - We love Susan so much that my daughter opted to fly from SC to CA to train with her over Christmas break. She is the best! December 28 at 8:30am via mobile ·

William Klovstad - Looking forward to some Western dressage lessons. That's all we use for supplements in our barn is Grand Meadows December 28 at 8:37am via mobile ·

Judi Cook Love - Grand Meadows! Met Susie in 1983 when I was just starting dressage! December 28 at 8:46am ·

Patricia Lee Kessler - Dressage in Tennessee. December 28 at 8:49am ·

Lynn Durall Riley - Fb December 28 at 9:11am ·

Rachel Hutchings - I want to tell u about all the life support, friendship, horse advice, relationship advice, love, and family that Suzie has given to me over the years- over the phone from 2500 miles away or in her own living room she's always there for her students/ friends/ family... But I really want to try this great salad mentioned above December 28 at 9:22am via mobile ·

Cathy Brown - My retired 30 year old is still on Grand Meadows HA Synergy which helps keep him sound--thanks Suzie! December 28 at 9:59am via mobile ·

Kathleen Platten - Have known Susie since she was a teen. I think possibly pre-teen.. took lessons from her on and off ,she trained one of my appaloosa horses, also worked with my daughter and granddaughter. Great trainer, teacher and friend. December 28 at 10:17am ·

Pamela Brown Pirkle - We've known Suzie for over 10 years as a wonderful dressage trainer / instructor / friend. Since last March we are blessed to have our two dressage horses in her barn and we are looking forward to a wonderful show season. Trying to find words to describe Suzie's talent, heart, support, etc., etc., etc., is next to impossible. Suffice to say that what she is achieving with us and our horses is even more than what we had hoped for. Luv you Suzie!! December 28 at 10:19am ·

Daria Mansoor Weinrich - Maybe 25 years ago, Suzie introduced me to Dressage. I never turned back. She found my beautiful, once in a lifetime love Andre (horse)! She's a friend and a most excellent of the excellent kinds of trainers; she knows the human-horse connection like no one else. Love her! December 28 at 8:51pm via mobile ·

Julie Dabritz - I met Susan a few years ago and have enjoyed her friendship and many educational clinics at her Eastvale Ranch. December 28 at 9:43pm ·

Wendy Westphal - wonderful teacher, great associate, even better boss. 10 hours ago ·

Susan Hoffman Peacock You are all so sweet! Angela Slater and Grand Meadows Thank You for your support!


Iana Gonzalez Dressage

"Bio-mechanics in her lessons is what Sussie specialises in. As a Para rider, this was of tremendous help, as it made me more aware of how each part of my body influences everything in conjunction. Her super positive, always happy attitude, and her clear, precise way of communicating make working with Sussie a fantastic experience.

Iana M González
Para Equestrian


"Susan has been my mentor for many years. She is one of the first trainers that didn't just "ride my horse through me" and leave me with nothing to take home. Susan gives my students and I solid and easy to grasp theory that I can build upon and enhance everyday, using biomechanics, German & American dressage principles, tai chi, sports psychology and goal setting. When the rider understands which part of his/her body matches up to each part of the horse, they can truly move together. When the horse no longer has to compensate for the rider, true beauty can be achieved. I am so thankful for Suzie!"

Kerrie Matesich, USDF Associate Instructor, Bronze Medalist, Judge


Julie and Klio


I've had a number of amazing teachers and coaches over the last 20 years and am grateful for their guidance and support as I pursued riding.  I knew Suzie would be an addition to that wonderful group of people in my life when I met her at a horse show in Temecula.  She parked next to me and just struck up a conversation with me while we waited for our classes.  The ease of conversation was an indicator to me that she was probably a pretty good teacher.  I saw her, again, at the regional championships (more great conversation) and it seemed inevitable that I would a student of hers one day soon.

After my first lesson with Suzie, I noticed a considerable difference in my mare, Klio.  We worked on simple things like, moving forward and the different gait cues--things I thought I knew but now I understood. Suzie has an amazing way of explaining how things work and why they work, making it easy to replicate it at home.  The following lessons
have been equally amazing.  Shows are going smoother, schooling at home is going smoother, and Klio is much happier.  I even had my chiropractor ask me how I got my horse's back so open and loose.  I have a feeling it has to do something with the help from Suzie.

A few months ago I felt that "floating" feeling you're suppose to feel when you riding dressage.  It happened during my lessons several times, but to feel it at home, without anyone coaching from the ground, is pretty amazing.  Thank you, Suzie, for all your help!  I look forward to more learning, growing in my dressage knowledge, and of course, floating across the arena with Klio.


Dear Suzie and Pam,

Thank you for the excellent camp you just led in May, 2011, in Ohio! From what I heard around me, all the riders enjoyed and benefited from it.

I'd like to try to identify some of the factors that I feel made this camp so successful -- in addition to Robyn's presence, management, conversation, and cooking -- which, as we know, are absolutely essential!

1.) Your lesson content where Suzie focuses especially on rider position and horse/rider biomechanics and Pam focuses especially on application of these while riding large, using movements chosen on the day for each particular horse/rider pair.

2.) Your ability -- both of you -- to easily identify, describe, and justify relevant specifics according to the biomechanical context of what you and the rider are trying to accomplish. Dressage is the physics of desired movement over the ground, with training, musculature, talent, and energy determining the degree of the limits set by gravity!

3.) Your further ability -- both of you -- to set out for each rider a forward-looking developmental plan for that rider/horse pair. It is important for riders to hear, understand, and implement that plan, while also understanding relevant counter-variables that might occur that each rider will have to make decisions about on her own.

Pam, your reference to don't do everything you/your horse know in one day, do do everything you/your horse know in a week, and do introduce something new to your horse every 10 days = very helpful to hear!

4.) Your ability -- both of you -- to set the individualized comments you offer to each rider against the larger backdrop of basic dressage-riding principles and practices so that -- ideally, at least -- each rider grasps the scope of the whole developmental plan and not just an isolated set of suggestions.

To be specific for just a moment, Suzie used a square exercise where she asked me to ask the horse with my legs to go more firmly to the hand just before and just after each corner -- and then not use the legs along each straight side until repeating the above at the next corner. Since an important goal in my own mind with this young horse is to lighten him to the leg aid and teach him to stay in a gait without constant asking, this exercise is right-on for me/us. It maximizes correct use of the corners to set the horse up to begin carrying himself.

Pam made good use of the 15m trot and canter circle exercise using a 4-loop serpentine in a 60m arena, both with and without the circles. Specific advice she offered: when riding the 15-m half-circle serpentine loops, think of turning at the beginning and ending of each half-circle and bending in between the beginning and ending of each half-circle. Toward the end of each half-circle, think of straightening the horse by firming the outside rein before it becomes the new inside rein; then, use the new inside leg to straighten and begin to bend the horse's body for the new direction before asking the horse to bend in the neck for the new direction.

So, the rider's outside hand subtly shifts from the slight allowing of the outside hand during the loop's second turning phase to its firming function while straightening to its slight asking function as it becomes the inside hand of the new direction just after the horse has crossed the center line. Across the center line, the old outside hand and the old inside hand each become "neutral" before becoming the new inside hand and new outside hand, respectively; in other words, while changing direction each hand modulates itself to quietly pass its former functions for turning/straightening/turning to the other hand. Meanwhile, the rider slightly modulates her leg and seat position according to which of her legs is inside or outside. I'm imagining that across the center line each of her hands and each of her legs is pretty much the same as the other one for those one or two steps between the steps where the old outside hand/leg become the new inside hand/leg.

If over time these aids are consistently given in smooth succession, the horse understands that he must be supple in the first direction, smoothly straight, and then supple in the second direction -- every time. At least, we hope so!

                                                                         Sue Hershey
                                                                         June, 2011


Hello....Thank you for such an eye opener at the lesson at cannington yesterday......(i was the little person on the big bay mare who hates standing still).....i felt so much more elegant at the end of you helping me and my horse.....i'm very much looking forward to the new elegant me communicating with my horse....less is more :)

Sarah Tucker


Suzie- I just had to thank you one more time. I have been waiting until I am settled in and can truly appreciate how amazing this opportunity is. I could not be happier with the decision to come and work here. The people and horses are beyond amazing, and so far everyday I wake up feeling extremely lucky. It is going to be (and already has been) such a great learning experience. Most of the tools that I am using I learned from you and would just like to say thank you so much for passing all of it on. When I ride, I can hear you in my head in the corner of the arena saying "half-halt, turn your shoulders more, breathe down through the back of your legs." So in a way, you came with me here. The confidence I have in handling the stallions and hot-tempered mares both on the ground and in the saddle, was built from the projects I had at your barn and situations I encountered while I was there. Just last week, I used a figure I learned to calm a mare down during a ride. In the beginning she was panicked that she was alone in the arena; her head was up like a giraffe and she had no intention of staying at the walk. Once I started focusing on the pattern and really making the connection throughout her body feel supple and relaxed, she calmed down and gave me a lovely ride. I still have so much to learn (more than I can even comprehend), but I started my foundation with you and I'm very grateful for that! So I thought I should pass on the gratitude and say thank you (because I know I can not say it enough). Hope all is well!! Best wishes and lots of hugs to you and everyone, including the kitties! -Greer

Colorado Clinic Feedback:

I have been telling everyone about Susan's clinic! I really enjoyed it and had a great time. Susan understood that not only was I there to learn myself, but that I was going to be taking her information back to the students that I teach. She communicated her philosophy clearly and taught in a way that made it easy for me to take her lessons back to those I work with. She has a great personality and was easy to work with. She patiently persisted through my weak areas and allowed me to stop and ask questions or discuss ideas, keeping the lessons fun and friendly. By the end of the second lesson I was wishing for more time to continue with the progress we were making and even inquired about being able to go work with her in California at some point. If she is ever able to return to Colorado, though, I will most certainly be attending again, as will many that I have spoken with since the clinic. I really hope she can come back, and soon!

Nicole Ackerman www.insidetracktraining.com

Pam and Milo (Millenium)

Suzi: I can not thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience of riding with Conrad.  Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.  Everything you did in preparation for the riders and horses was FIRST CLASS.  You run a wonderful operation and are clearly well-loved by your riders and owners!  It was a very special 4 days!

Pam and Milo (Millenium)

Barbara and Dolce
Barbara & Dolce in a lesson at Hidden River Ranch

Before coming to Hidden River Ranch I had a passion for dressage, but no plan. 

Then I started working with Erin and Susie and under their expert guidance realized that success comes with both -- couple that with a congenial atmosphere and camaraderie -- and you have the perfect environment to excel at dressage. 

Both Susie and Erin are happy to share their expertise and knowledge with their students.  Whether it's in teaching a student lesson, training a horse or providing ground support at the shows, both are eager to encourage and challenge their students to be better riders.  Susie particularly goes out of her way to attract qualified teachers and trainers to come to Hidden River to share their expertise with others and I have been the grateful recipient of many new ideas which have improved my riding. Indeed, I had the good fortune to be able to attend an adult camp event at Hidden River and can tell you that experience was awesome.  The environment at Hidden River, under Susie's guiding hand, is friendly, supportive,  involved, but without pressure, since each student is free to participate or decline in barn activities  without reprisals and your horse could not receive better care. 

Thank you Susie and Erin!
Barbara and Dolce

I always look forward to attending the USDF Adult Camp that is held at Grand Haven Stables in Jefferson, OH with instructors Susan Hoffman-Peacock and Pam Lifton-Bancker. As a professional, I realize that I am in the minority, as the camp is primarily attended by adult amateurs, but these camps provide me with an opportunity that I just can't pass up. Not only do I participate with my young horse, I also bring as many of my students with me as I can. This gives me the opportunity to see fantastic instructors work with my students and they provide me with insight into my students progress and areas that we may need to work a little harder on. By observing, I'm also able to help my students with the goals that are set for them.For myself, I have now set goals of my own that prior to meeting Susan and Pam I would not have thought possible. They have encouraged me in my own riding and have given me such confidence in my abilities as a trainer. Thanks to them, I also have the goal of becoming a USDF certified instructor within the next few years. Susan and Pam have such a wonderful way of teaching and both of their styles compliment eachother beautifully. What you learn with one instructor in your morning session is only reinforced and enhanced upon by the other instructor in the afternoon.  I would recommend attending these camps to anyone, whether an adult amateur or a professional, the education and the friendships that you come away with will last your lifetime.

Trish Brown

Dear Susie,                                                      

I just wanted to tell you again how euphoric I am about finding Java and purchasing her from you.  What an awesome girl she is.  She has it all: beauty, elegant gaits, a great personality, and some very impressive Swedish bloodlines.  She is already my fantastic lifelong friend.

I know that Java was so well started and very much loved as a young filly.  Her calmness and great temperament is a testament.  You have done a superb job training and loving her in the first 9 years of her life.  I know it must have been difficult seeing her leave your barn.

You are a teacher, clinician, coach and trainer, but mostly a really great lady that I knew I liked from the moment I met you.

Susie, what a great training facility you have in Corona.  It has been such a joy to come back to your place and take lessons and clinic with you.  (I know that this is not typically the case when someone buys a horse 1 ½ hours away from her home and has her own full time training program with a different trainer). I have only been riding dressage for 5 years, but have had three other trainers and have also take clinics with internationally known clinicians.  You are by far the most detailed clinician and coach that I have ever experienced.  

Anyone can ride, but not everyone can teach. You have mastered both.

After taking your clinics, many questions that I have had for years about the biomechanics of a certain movement were answered in my 45 minutes with you.  You have such an amazing ability to explain answers and were able to dissect every detail until I clearly understood the concept of our focus.

What else can I say?  You are a great teacher.

I am looking forward to making the 90 minute drive from Escondido for more coaching, teaching and your warm welcomes.

Linda Shinn & Java

Laura and Cassius
laura rice kaye

I have had the great honor of knowing Suzie for over fifteen years. I met Suzie as a young reckless 3-Day Eventing teenager and after I started taking lessons with her my eyes where opened to a better way of riding. I took lessons with Suzie throughout high school once a month. Once I decided to go to college I quickly moved my horse to her facility close to Cal Poly Pomona. I was so excited to finally have frequent access to her. However, starving students can’t afford frequent access to lessons and training. Suzie let me become a working student at her barn and this is really when my Dressage education starting progressing a record speed. After a year of two of hard work I finally was promoted to Suzie’s assistant and worked for her for 4 amazing years.

I have been riding for over 20 years and with the help of Suzie I have had opportunities I could have never dreamed of such as NAYR Young Riders on the legendary Cassius. Her coaching has made me a very confident, successful rider and I couldn’t be more thankful. Every time I sit on a horse now I hear Suzie. She is  my head, in my riding and in my heart forever. I will honestly say she is the BEST instructor I have ever experienced. If you take a lesson from her be prepared to have several “light bulb” moments and be prepared to be a changed rider.

Laura Rice Kaye

When I came to Hidden River Ranch, I had almost given up on my horse and I ever going anywhere with regard to a show career.  Right off the bat Suzie and Erin were very welcoming, and went out of their way to make sure that my horse and I were comfortable.  After a week at Hidden River Ranch, I can say with confidence that my horse and I will have a better chance at a showing career.  Through their hard work, the clarity of their explanations, and specialized teaching tactics for different riders, I have learned many new things about the connections between horse and rider.  I can say with conviction that Hidden River Ranch is always a positive learning environment with the opportunity to accomplish anything in your riding career. For being a rider for about 12 years I have never had a trainer that teaches the way Suzie and Erin do. I most definitely recommend Suzie and Erin, and will always hold a special place in my heart for them.

Cindy Gumber

Adult Dressage Camp May 16-18, 2008 Grand Haven Stables, Jefferson, OH

I was nervous about coming to camp.  Would my horse be at the appropriate level, would I?  Would we embarrass ourselves by coming?  I found out my answers very quickly.  Everything would be fine, and most people were just like me.

I was most impressed by the way the lessons were catered to our individual needs at each lesson. Each day I had my morning lesson with Susan and my afternoon lesson with Pam.

Susan really helped me work through my emotions and nerves.  She gave me strategies to use when I was nervous, my horse was nervous, or when we both were.  I felt that this was a huge gain for me, learning what to do when I get scared. (Actually staying focused so I could do those things!)

I rode with Pam in the afternoon.  It was amazing how seamlessly the lessons flowed from one instructor to the next.  It was as if they had gotten together to discuss my morning lessons (which they had not had time to do!).  Pam was able to help me to the next step because I had dealt with my emotions in the morning.  Pam gave me some great patterns and warm-ups to use with my horse at home.

This camp was a great experience for me and for my horse.  He had not traveled in about 9 years.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the attitude of everyone, and the quality of instruction I received.  I hope to attend again in the future.

Tina Treichler

Colleen & Challis

Hi Susie: When I saw you asked for some testimonials, I just had to submit mine in. You were the biggest influence in my riding career, and what you taught me has been with me for the last 19 years. You taught me to make sure my horse was warmed up properly for each lesson, sometimes we spent the entire lesson on warming up. I loved how detailed your explanation's were, and how you asked me to ride with such precision.

I can still remember you saying this to me: Just like a bodybuilder, you have to warm up before your work out, have plenty of rest breaks, and know when it is time to stop and not overdue the training session, and that it takes years to build up the correct muscles to get to the Grand Prix level.

After all these years, I can still hear your voice, and I am forever grateful that I had the honor to ride with you.

Thank you for all the great memories,
Colleen Walker

Daria Weinrich

I have ridden with many different trainers in my over 30 years of riding. I have never had a trainer who just knows like Suzie. I can ride with Suzie for one hour and gain more knowledge and ability to correct myself than hours logged with other trainers. She is a natural. Suzie can pair a rider with a horse like magic. She knows what each rider is capable of accomplishing and she gets them there. She is amazing!

Daria Weinrich

I know that I already told you that danny has been phenomenal lately. For the past 2 weeks EVERY ride has been great. At first I was just happy to have 3 consecutive rides that i walked away from feeling proud and successful of. On ride number 4 though, I decided we were on a lucky streak and noted that i had used the same golden plaid polo wraps on all 4 rides. Luck probably has nothing to do with it. It's more likely the months and months of lessons. A following chest, lower hand, longer hamstring. Breathing out one count more than in. Learning that "supporting him" and "holding him" are different, as are "power" and "speed", "impulsion" and "fast". It's probably more the months of suppling, & pushing forward, and all the times i said, "No, danny. Now means now, not in a minute," though he tried to convince me "in-just-a-sec" would be just fine. He probably started to get better when I decided clinging on with my legs wasn't helping afterall and a shorter rein with a longer arm was much more effective. Yes, the logical part of me knows we are not on a lucky streak, but rather, we are getting better as a pair. I'm riding the way i hear all those lessons taught, how I even teach myself, and he, likewise, is improving in the way that horses do when ridden more correctly consistently. However, I must be honest, I've used those same golden plaid polo wraps everyday since and they have not yet been washed even once in the past 2 weeks. Sometimes, I think, when you own a thoroughbred, you just get a little superstitious....or maybe it's a little desperate. I'm, not sure - this is my first thoroughbred. Either way, thank you for everything Susie.



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