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This program is possibly the most important training aid available for the ambitious rider. This ingenious program was developed by Susan Hoffman Peacock over the last 20 years. Susan’s desire to streamline the learning process led her to develop her own system for training horses. I believe it is safe to say that I would not be the horse person I am without the guidance and teachings of Conrad Schumacher. And coming across this article, I wanted to share the link here with you all for reading and inspiration. Click Here for "Don't punish him, convince him." A Day With Conrad Schumacher.

Who is the Peacock System for?

The Peacock System is a useful tool for all levels of riders and instructor/trainers. It doesn’t matter if you are training a competition dressage horse or if you are a pleasure rider that wants to develop your horse properly for better health.


What is the Peacock System?

The Peacock System is a systematic training program that can be utilized in any training situation. The Peacock System helps with lesson design as well as rider comprehension and retention of information. Susan Hoffman Peacock developed and tested the Peacock System over the last 20 years.

The Peacock System format is easy to understand and simple enough that it is easy for riders utilize. Even a rider with little experience can make the most out of their practice sessions when they are taught using the Peacock System . Riders are able to document their experiences and practice the material from their lessons. In addition to lessons from the Peacock System Trainer, riders are encouraged to search for information in books, magazines, DVD/Video and by attending symposiums. They are able to use the workbook to record the information that they find so that they can easily access it at a later date. Students will be able to use the Peacock System Worksheets as reference material for the rest of their riding career. Instructors are able to use the Peacock System to make their own training program more efficient and complete.


When should a rider start using the Peacock System?

Instructors and students can start using the Peacock System right away! The Peacock System was designed to work cohesively with all riding styles. The Peacock System helps to organize the training process at any stage of learning.

Why should the Peacock System become part of your training program?

The plan is to design your rides so that they are comprehensive training sessions that set your horse up to succeed. All exercise sessions are composed of a warm up, a work out and a cool down phase. It has proven to be successful with all breeds of horses and ponies.


The program’s strongest asset is its simplicity.  Most riders will not use a program when is time consuming or complex. The Peacock System is both easy to comprehend and fun to implement.

How does someone get started with the Peacock System?

Susan Hoffman Peacock owns and operates Eastvale Equestrian in Eastvale, CA. Lessons and training programs are available at this location at all times. Susan is a popular clinician and lecturer. She may already be coming into your area. Clinic and engagement dates are available on her website, www.dressagepeacock.com. You may contact Susan directly to plan a clinic or speaking engagement.

Susan teaches USDF Adult Camps (often in Ohio at Grand Haven Farm with Pamala Banker from Atlanta, Ga.), and co-teaches clinics with her good friend James Shaw author of Ride From Within (book and DVD series) and Tai Chi for the Equestrian DVD.

Susan has been training other trainers through a highly successful apprenticeship program over the last 10 years. Erin Vallarino was the first apprentice to become an Approved  Peacock System Instructor. With the help of the apprentice program, Erin has achieved her USDF 2nd level Certification as an Instructor/Trainer and now has her own training barn at The Hanson Dam Equestrian Center in Southern California. You can contact Erin at www.blazickdressage.com to check her availability.


The Peacock System was designed with success in mind!

Peacock System Illustration

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